Saturday, September 5, 2009

Backyard Beauty!

Here are some of the pics that I took today with my Canon IXUS 80 IS. I used the macro mode in it. Useful info about macro photography can be found here.

I never realised that my backyard was so beautiful!!

I had trouble uploading these pics on this page. But I found help on this page. Thanks Julia.

Jaadu ki Jhappi

Today, I saw tears in my dadima’s eyes. This is only the 3rd time ever that I have seen that happening. The first time was when her mother passed away. Second was when my brother left home for joining college. My brother is closer to her than I am. Sure, she missed me when I left for college but she did not shed tears. And today was the 3rd time. It was one of those moments of emotional overwhelming when voice chokes and tears appear in the eyes.

She was telling me about a Telugu song called ‘Chinni sisuvu’ (a small child) and that she liked one of the song’s stanzas very much. She was explaining the meaning of the stanza – the child runs to his mother and hugs her tightly. Her voice choked even before she could completely explain the meaning.

She is old now and it has been pretty long since anyone has hugged her. I am sure my dad must have hugged her many, many times when he was a kid. But that does not happen now. My brother and I too must have hugged her a lot of times when we were kids. But that too does not happen now.

She has been pretty unwell lately. From what happened today, I feel she has this feeling of emotional loneliness that is often associated with and is a part of old age. I guess her health will improve a lot if this feeling goes away. So, tomorrow morning, first thing I am going to do is hug her. After all, as we know, Jaadu ki Jhappi is the most powerful medicine!!