Saturday, November 7, 2009

Deekshant Samaroh!!

The 2nd of November 2009 was a day, the memories of which I will always cherish. I got "convocated" on that day!! :D That is to say I attended the convocation ceremony of my university and got my degree of Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics and Communication. As soon as we, the graduands reached the venue we were seated at places designated for us and a sound track was played as the guests started to walk down the aisle to reach the stage. The sound track (this is a small video clip) was so very wonderful....It aroused so many emotions within me; patriotism, pride and a sense of accomplishment being the most predominant ones! :) I do not know why, but as I was listening to the track, I felt love for my country. A lot of responsibility was being put on my shoulders along with the degree I thought and the thought made me feel happy. Never in the course of 4 years of study in the college did I think that I would get a sense of accomplishment out of my BE degree. But that is exactly what happened. I was proud. Getting a BE was actually a big deal, I thought, why otherwise will they organise such a grand function.

My friends and me getting our degrees.

Needless to say, while receiving the degree on-stage and afterwards too we took a lot of pictures and made some videos too. And when we were completely engrossed in posing for the pictures something happened that again flooded me with emotions. And again it was a sound track that started to play. In a split second all of us who were running here and there and throwing graduation hats in the air, realised what the track was. It was the National Anthem of India. Everyone stopped right where he or she was and started singing along. To sing the national anthem with around 2500 people was an experience, a feeling that is impossible for me to describe. After that all of us went for dinner and thus the evening came to an end. What a day it was!! I wish I get to attend such a function at least once more.

P.S I got a mail from a friend of mine congratulating me. He is a PhD holder himself. His mail has inspired me a lot and I put it here so that all of you who read this post get inspired too.

Dear Ram,

It is a great feeling to receive the first degree of life. I hope you will not definitely stop here.

I hope you will receive few more in your interested area.

Wish you all the best for your future.

Enjoy this moment !!!